Such a great way to use any herbs you have growing profusely in the garden at this time of year. They make a pretty, alternative tiny bouquet (especially if you use thyme or lavender when in flower – a bit early for my lavender yet). Also, as they hang in your kitchen, the heat from your cooking will bring out their aromas and help them dry. Once dry they can be used as individual herbs or pot pourri in a casserole, for example.

Use anything you have growing, but if you have the right herbs you can create a blend for specific recipes, for example:

Herbs de Provence

Rosemary, savoury, thyme, marjoram and sometime dried lavender flowers

Italian seasoning

Basil, rosemary, bay, oregano, thyme

How to make up the sprigs

Cut as long a stem as you can on each of the herbs and arrange in a circular pattern around one really nice sprig that you like – that is build up round a central stalk.  Wrap the stems together with jute or gardener’s twine and leave one long end, so that you can hang it. Tie on a ribbon if you like for a little extra flourish.

Hang in your kitchen until dried, then crunch up the leaves and store in a sterilised pot for use as a blend, or separate the herbs to use individually.

See also my post on flavoured salt mixes, which can also be a use for your herbs.

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