GBBO / Bake Off Bingo


This is my ´Bake Off Bingo´ game, a bit of fun while you watch this amazing programme.

To print out – please see the PDFs below!


Please print off the sheets to use. Ive made four separate bingo sheets. Anyone is welcome to use it.

PLEASE NOTE THIS IS TOTALLY UNOFFICIAL!!! It’s only here because I love the programme.

The aim is to mark off any of the things on the sheet that you hear or see on the Great British Bake Off programme.

There are three ways to work out who has won:

  • The first person to tick of any line of four (horizontal, vertical or diagonal)
  • The first person to tick off one of each ´category´ (see below for the categories)
  • The person who has ticked off the highest number of boxes at the end of the show

To download – right click each page image and then ‘save as’. You can then print it out

Bake off Bingo – sheets 1 and 2

Bake Off Bingo – sheets 3 and 4

I’ve made six categories of comments to tick off when they appear in the programme. Hopefully I’ve made some that are virtually guaranteed to be i the show and then some that are likely and others that might not even happen.

GBBO / Bake Off Bingo

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