I aim to start filling this post over time with some resources, printable and ideas for hobbies during these times of (inter)national lockdown.

I find this an almost impossible to believe situation; I’m sure you do too. Creative pursuits can really help provide an outlet to relieve stress and distract your mind. Also, depending on your situation, you may have some unexpected extra free time to try new things.

If you want inspiration because you are stuck for ideas what to try, then read my post creative analogue hobbies for good mental health – there is an enormous list of ideas for hobbies on there to get you started. There’s also some information within that post about the benefits of such hobbies for good mental health.

I’ll keep this short and sweet for now, and add the first resource:

1. Adult colouring resource of modern Alice in Wonderland – Alice and friends take a selfie! Download and print – A4 sized file.

Download using the link below (not the image).

2. Gifs for sharing on social media for the #NHS #clapforNHS #Clapforourcarers actives on Thursday evenings

I’ve drawn five Alice inspired images and animated them I’ve applied to get all five of my artworks shared as gifs on social media so that anyone can use them – three are currently showing, and I’m hoping all five will be available soon.

In the meantime, you can use the links below to copy the gif files or use the links to show them in social media.

How to use

Right click the gif or the URL you want and either copy or save to your local drive.

Much love, Lynn.

Don’t forget to leave a nice comment – and if you post an image of your completed craft, please do tag me in @inksugarpice on Instagram or Twitter.

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