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I’m Lynn and my confession is that I’m addicted to making things and having a handmade life… I hope to help you bring more creativity into your world too.

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I’m a self-taught baker, confectioner, cook, bread maker and fresh pasta artisan. I have an honours 3D Theatre Design degree (from which I have a multitude of skills from welding and carpentry to clothes pattern cuttern and scene design) and I have worked as a web/graphic designer and copywriter for 25 years.

Briefly on this website

This website reflects my equal love of art, crafts and both sweet and savoury cooking. Hence the name ‘Ink, Sugar & Spice’, which is meant to represent all these areas. It’s a website I’ve tried to target to anyone who, like me, is a little creative, quirky, inquisitive and who likes to play with their food.

Food background

I’ve been cooking, baking and making bread and pasta for around 30 years now (starting in my late teens) and have been making sourdough for 18 years. I have lots of my own recipes and a surprising amount of experience and expertise for someone who doesn’t make a living out of food. I did briefly appear on Nadiya’s Family Favourites (BBC 2 episode three, 30th July 2018) regarding my artisan pasta making.

white sourdough with random slashing - Nine top tips for bread slashing art #recipe #baking #breadart @inksugarspice
White sourdough, with a minimal prove

Crafts, art, design

My desire to learn and ‘have a go’, coupled with all that I learnt at art school has given me the skills to: sew and pattern cut; embroider; crochet; knit; woodwork, including carving and turning wood (including my own hand made pasta tools); weaving/basketry; work in leather, metal and plastics; sculpt; illustrate; build scale models; lino print; produce calligraphy; paint in oils, acrylic and watercolour; take DSLR photography and style for photographic shoots and many ‘general’ crafting skills.

Strawberry watercolour - Ink Sugar Spice

Gardening, herbs/edible plants and foraging

Gardening is also important to me, (especially of herbs and edible plants) and I learnt my gardening at an early age on our family allotment and we were brought up to be frugal and preserve food. My foraging habit is thanks to my mother (her grandfather was a gamekeeper and taught her many skills) and my father who took me cockle and razor clam hunting and samphire picking.

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I love to interact with people (I’m a bit chatty) so please leave me a comment or ask a question related to an article or recipe.

Lynn Clark 💙

[Updated September 2019]

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