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Caring for your bannetons

If you’re a keen bread baker you probably will have one or more proofing bannetons. These can actually represent quite a bit of financial outlay, if you’ve amassed a collection. The fact that they’re such useful and essential kit for a baker together with the financial investment does mean they need a little looking after.

Seeded maslin loaf

My maslin loaf marries soft white white flour with wholemeal spelt. It produces a light, airy but uniform crumb with a lovely taste and texture. The addition of the seeded top gives added taste, texture and of course all the nutritional benefits that seeds can provide.

breadstick stars Christmas recipe by Inksugarspice

Breadstick stars

Christmas breadstick stars – based on my grissini recipe and made into cute festive star shapes

Mini panettone

Gorgeous chocolate and pistachio mini panettone (panettoncini) recipe. Full of festive flavours and surprisingly easy to make.

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Daisy loaf

A fluffy, olive-oil enriched loaf with a fun design.

Crackers recipe from Ink Sugar Spice @inksugarspice

Rosemary crackers

A new recipe for crackers that are so tasty, just the right level of crispy (that is, they don’t dislodge your fillings) and are deceptively quick and easy to make.

Cinnamon buns

Cinnamon buns, with glaze cherries and a syrup and marmalade glaze

Pickled baby peppers

Pickled baby bell peppers (peppardews) and cream cheese stuffed peppers.. Make the most of a glut of veggies from your garden or greenhouse

Base sourdough recipe

My base recipe for sourdough loaves – it’s a robust recipe that you can learn and then begin to adapt and improve with

Blueberry muffins

A proper blueberry muffin: springy and tasty and packed with seasonal fruit

pane bianco - copyright image Lynn Clark - inksugarspice

A week in the life of a loaf

A week in the life of a loaf -how to make the most of your bread day by day (whether you’ve made or bought it) plus some additional ideas

gnocchi making ink sugar spice


How to make and cook delicious, pillowy gnocchi, a way to change up cooking with potatoes

New to baking? Simplest yeasted bread

Back to basics recipe and technique (including videos). How to make a very simple loaf/your first loaf. Also ideas to change your loaf to stop food wastage – new on Inksugarspice 💚

Sourdough flatbreads

These are my gorgeous, tangy flatbreads but they do take some commitment as they are fully sourdough, with a pre-ferment stage. I’ve been making sourdough since 2001… I was already making bread by hand for many, many years before this, but started as my twin baby sons began weaning. I was a little obsessed with […]

Cider and rye rolls

Roll with it! Out of the ordinary rye and cider bread roll recipe – great as burger buns or for picnics

Mini Easter egg biscotti biscuit recipe - Ink Sugar Spice

Mini Easter egg biscotti

Wonderful cookies to give as gifts or just for scoffing: these mini egg biscotti are perfect for Easter treats 🥚🍪🐥

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