Eat positive: happy hormones and a fig focaccia recipe

Fig focaccia bread recipe by Ink SugarSpice

A look into how the four 'happy hormones" can be positively affected by what and how you eat - and a gorgeous fig focaccia recipe using many of these great foods #realbread #mentalhealth #healthyfoods

Colouring and hobby art resources

Adult colouring printable - I've drawn a unique printable of Modern Alice and her friends taking a selfie. Download and print out the A4 pdf file free from inksugarspice

Using analogue, creative hobbies for mental wellbeing – and a HUGE list of hobby ideas

Creative hobbies - leather working - Lynn Clark - Inksugarspice

From previous posts in here or comments on my Instagram or Twitter feed you may have come across me owning up (occasionally and discretely) to having been diagnosed with both anxiety and panic disorder. I am also, in general, an advocate for looking after positive mental health and I am a trained mental health first… Continue reading Using analogue, creative hobbies for mental wellbeing – and a HUGE list of hobby ideas

The student kitchen

The student kitchen - advice for University freshers on packing kitchen kit, a basic pantry, hints & tips for cheap eating, shopping and storage. Good luck to all new students (include my twins going to Sheffield & Nottingham)

Inspiration and relaxation

A ramble through some inspiration and ideas to get your creative juices flowing and to chill out a little. Some ideas to find inspiration for food and art in my new post

Organising storage in a small kitchen (and a Joseph Joseph Nest product review)

How I cope with keeping organised in a small kitchen: ingredients and cookware, including a Joseph Joseph nest review