Lavender and Lovage – book review 📖

Lavender and Lovage - cookbook review 📖 "By interleaving smaller stories and anecdotes between the recipes, Karen's woven a holistic, beautiful book, where the recipes only make full sense with the voice, and vice versa"

James Herbert was almost right: he who controls the spice controls Nottingham 

He who controls the spice controls Nottingham: my night at Memsaab to celebrate their Best Indian Restaurant coup in the Nottingham Food and Drink Awards

Eating the East End

Well, I did say in January that one of my resolutions was to open the blog up further than my recipes and the occasional instructions and tips. I also wished to get one of my recipes into print somewhere, and I've been totally amazed to already have had my spring onion bhajis appear in The… Continue reading Eating the East End