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Ok, so it’s mostly recipes, but there are plenty of other craft, lifestyle, mindfulness/mental health, kitchen science and kitchen skills posts to explore…

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Daily sketch booking for positive mental health

A look at how to start keeping a daily activity to fill a sketchbook and how that can help your positive mental health

Drying hydrangeas

It’s so easy to dry hydrangea flower heads. They’re a beautiful, long lasting addition to home decorations.

Colouring and hobby art resources

Adult colouring printable – I’ve drawn a unique printable of Modern Alice and her friends taking a selfie. Download and print out the A4 pdf file free from inksugarspice

Using a flower press 🌸

How to use a flower press, which materials for blotting, how to select and place plants and ideas on crafts using your dried flowers, petals, leaves and herbs

Make a flower and herb press

How to make an effective, cheap and easy flower press yourself, just using two old placemats, some cardboard and a little ironmongery – you can have a working press within an afternoon

Easy dove grey crochet throw

A soft and easy peasy crochet throw. Uses a soft half shell pattern in larger, chunky weight yarn. Includes stitch instructions and a short video guide.

Stencilled beer cob

Stencilled cob loaf – a recipe for a beer bread cob loaf, plus how to stencil bread and a free medieval sun face stencil to create a gorgeous loaf

Lavender and Lovage – book review 📖

Lavender and Lovage – cookbook review 📖 “By interleaving smaller stories and anecdotes between the recipes, Karen’s woven a holistic, beautiful book, where the recipes only make full sense with the voice, and vice versa”

The student kitchen

The student kitchen – advice for University freshers on packing kitchen kit, a basic pantry, hints & tips for cheap eating, shopping and storage. Good luck to all new students (include my twins going to Sheffield & Nottingham)

Inspiration and relaxation

A ramble through some inspiration and ideas to get your creative juices flowing and to chill out a little. Some ideas to find inspiration for food and art in my new post

Hanging herb planter

How to make your own hanging herb planter – a crafty and quick DIY project for garden or kitchen

Chemical leaveners / raising agents

My findings on chemical leaveners and what’s going on inside my cake (or other bake) to make it rise. Is there anything we can do to get the best results using raising agents? Plus make your own baking powder and self raising flour!

Eating the East End

Well, I did say in January that one of my resolutions was to open the blog up further than my recipes and the occasional instructions and tips. I also wished to get one of my recipes into print somewhere, and I’ve been totally amazed to already have had my spring onion bhajis appear in The…

Naked wedding cake

Three tier naked wedding cake. Also includes tips on constructing the cake and making mini bunting to top it all off beautifully

Herb sprigs for the kitchen

Such a great way to use any herbs you have growing profusely in the garden at this time of year. They make a pretty, alternative tiny bouquet (especially if you use thyme or lavender when in flower – a bit early for my lavender yet). Also, as they hang in your kitchen, the heat from…

Science of bread making – how yeast works

So, being nosey as usual, after making a batch of spelt walnut loaf I thought I ought to learn a bit more about yeast and the bread fermentation process. I remembered some stuff about yeast from A-Level biology (yeast is one of the most researched and written about organisms going) and I’ve had a batch…

The science of meringue making

What happens inside a meringue? It will help your baking to know the chemistry behind your meringues – plus some surprising tips and myths to help you produce the perfect fluffy white morsel every time

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