Resources – arts and crafts

Some of my favourite arts and crafts online retailers, resources and suppliers

See also my resources page focusing on food suppliers, ingredients, kitchenware, bakeries, delis etc

I’ve listed online suppliers, and I’ve given locations where any have a physical shop.


Check out your local market for cloth, haberdashery and yarn. It may be a limited product range but it’s often the cheapest option.

John Lewis stores have a haberdashery/craft, sewing machine and cloth department, you can also find a useful range of other cloth in their curtain department (don’t overlook this area when shopping).

Dunelm Mill shops have an extensive arts and crafts section and a cloth/haberdashery area. They sell everything from glue and coloured card to oilcloth and fabric dyes.

Hobbycraft – massive out of town stores with just about every art and craft project covered. They are few and far between though, but it does have an online store. I find these shops a mix of useful, overwhelmingly large and a bit over priced.

For wood supplies, DIY store retailers like B&Q, Wickes, Homebase etc have wood stores. For a more extensive range there is bound to be a local wood yard/supplier somewhere near you.

Model shops – getting increasingly rare (my last two favourite ones locally have shut down in the past year sadly) but worth seeking out locally if you still have one. In between all the Airfix and model railways are useful tools and materials usually at a reasonable price and often with an unusual product stock, so rarer items can be found with a good browse.

Online suppliers – art materials

Cass Art – huge range of art materials including canvasses, papers, inks, pens, watercolours, oil and acrylic paints, brushes, easels, lino and printing tools and a lot more.

Jackson’s Art Supplies – professional artist materials supplier

Online suppliers – leather

The Identity Store – a huge online product list for all leatherwork, plus there is a physical shop in Matlock, Derbyshire. The shop doesn’t run to conventional shop hours though, so do check online or call first.

Tandy – reduced now to only online in the UK (they used to have a couple of stores). Extensive online shop for every aspect of leather working.

Online suppliers – yarn, sewing and needlecraft supplies

LoveCrafts – all things for knitting and crochet – 15% off your first order with Love Crafts. Just type in my name at the Checkout stage – Lynn Clark – to get the discount. [For transparency and honesty, I do also get 15% off an order if you use this discount code].

We are knitters knitting and crochet etc

Barnyarns – embroidery, quilting, all needlework supplies

Online suppliers – printmaking

Intaglio Printmakers

Ink Sugar Spice blog

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