Pistachio and raspberry/bay Battenburg

Pistachio and bay batternburg recipe - Ink Sugar Spice

Something a little different from the traditional Battenburg, this cake incorporates pistachios and a fresh raspberry sauce which has been flavoured with bay leaf. I have made my own marzipan, and have included the ingredients but please don't think you have to do this - you can use shop bought (I do think it's inferior… Continue reading Pistachio and raspberry/bay Battenburg

Cherries and berries biscotti

Made for a 'Wear it pink' charity bake, these unusually-flavoured biscotti went down a treat. They have dried cranberries, glace cherries, dried strawberries and are flavoured and coloured with blackberry powder

Apricot, apple and almond Chelsea Buns

Apricot, almond and apple Chelsea buns

I was just thinking I hadn't made an enriched dough recipe for a while... Background/history of the recipe Chelsea Buns are a specific version of a traditional, rolled enriched and sweetened bread. Unusually for a bread, their origins are actually known, as they were invented at the Chelsea Bun House in London, probably in the… Continue reading Apricot, apple and almond Chelsea Buns

Strawberry, almond and pistachio cheesecake sponge

This recipe was taken from the most recent (June 2014) edition of the BBC Good Food magazine, however I had to replace/adapt some of the ingredients and the method a little. The cake looked too gorgeous not to try and I was intrigued by the cheesecake/sponge combination. Strawberry, almond and pistachio cheesecake sponge It's a… Continue reading Strawberry, almond and pistachio cheesecake sponge