Orange nußkuchen

Orange and caraway-flavoured Nusskuchen (German chocolate and nut cake) recipe. Simple and delicious!

Banana, pecan and cherry blondies for Macmillan’s Worlds Biggest Coffee Morning

A blondie tray bake with pecans, cherries and white chocolate for Macmillan's World's Biggest Coffee Morning on September 30th

Chilli chocolate chunk shortbreads

Another variation on the basic shortbread biscuit. This one has a high proportion of ground almonds to keep the shortbreads moist in the middle yet crunchy round the edge and a large helping of chopped-up chilli chocolate. Notes Makes about 20 mid-sized biccies Equipment Large baking (or two small) tray Spatula for lifting Bowls Cutter… Continue reading Chilli chocolate chunk shortbreads