Thai flavours parsnip soup

Thai flavours parsnip soup #recipe #soup #thai @inksugarspice

A warming, gently spicy thick vegetarian soup brimming with Thai flavours

Cherry Lamingtons

Four cherry Lamington sponge cakes, covered in ganache and dessicated coconut with a cherry decoration

Umm, these little Australian cakes are delicious, but wow are they messy to make. If you've got little children I can imagine they'd have tons of fun with these - no wonder Lamington drives and bake offs are very popular in Australia and New Zealand. I've made these twice before (a traditional recipe and a… Continue reading Cherry Lamingtons

Coconut biscuits with hazelnuts or cherries

Coconut biscuits with either hazelnuts or cherries

What to do when you've not got quite enough plain flour in the cupboard, need to make biscuits and can't be arsed to walk to the shop? Use up what you've got in the cupboard and improvise! These are based on a staple biscuit mix I wrote up many years ago, which I use as… Continue reading Coconut biscuits with hazelnuts or cherries

Shark infested coconut cupcakes

Shark infested vanilla cupcakes / fairy cakes with coconut sand

Well, apparently it's just been national cupcake week (or should that be fairy cake week as it's the UK?) Not sure if this has been going on for some time, but I only spotted it in my local supermarch√© when I realised they were trying to flog more cupcake cases and fondant icing than normal.… Continue reading Shark infested coconut cupcakes