Chocolate-hazelnut spread sandwich biscuits

Assembling choc-hazelnut sandwich biscuits - inksugarspice

Delicious, pretty and deceptively easy chocolate-hazelnut spread sandwich cookies

Make a flower and herb press

Dried flowers - Making a flower press | Ink Sugar Spice blog

How to make an effective, cheap and easy flower press yourself, just using two old placemats, some cardboard and a little ironmongery - you can have a working press within an afternoon

Covering a sketchbook or journal

Example sketchbooks and art materials - Covering a sketchbook or Journal on Ink Sugar Spice website

How to cover a sketchbook, journal or diary in your favourite paper or fabric, to create something unique or repair a much loved item

Easy dove grey crochet throw

A soft and easy peasy crochet throw. Uses a soft half shell pattern in larger, chunky weight yarn. Includes stitch instructions and a short video guide.

Pikelets with balsamic strawberries

Pikelets and balsamic strawberries recipe on Ink Sugar Spice

Pikelets (also called drop scones or American pancakes) with balsamic strawberries - a real treat for Pancake Day

Nine top tips on artful bread scoring

Flower score - sourdough with pomegranate molasses - 9 top tips on bread scoring art on

My nine top tips on making beautiful scored patterns and art on your bread

Strawberry yogurt cake with olive oil

Strawberry yogurt and olive oil cake - - #recipe #baking

Strawberry deliciouness in a dessert cake which is enriched with yogurt and heart-healthy olive oil. A perfect Valentine's bake ❤️🍓