Mince pies – with orange frangipani

Mince pies, with citrus mincemeat and frangipani and almond topping

Chocolate frangipane, shortbread and nut swirls

Chocolate frangipane and shortbread swirl biscuits with chopped nuts

These biscuits are based on a method for biscotti eureka, but I have radically altered the recipe - it bears little resemblance to the original now other than the construction method and that it requires a shortbread-type biscuit and a frangipane-type filling. I have baked biscotti eureka a few times, and I find them delicious… Continue reading Chocolate frangipane, shortbread and nut swirls

Bakewell tart with blackberries

Bakewell tart with blackberries

I make Bakewell tart fairly often as it's a bit of a family favourite. This weekend we drove through Bakewell en route to the spa town of Buxton. Bakewell is about a 40 min drive away even though we do live in the same county. All the towns in that area are just gorgeous; beautiful… Continue reading Bakewell tart with blackberries