Reducing salt and low salt loaf recipe

A look at easy to lower salt intake with alternative ingredients and a delicious low salt bread recipe

Using a flower press 🌸

Making a flower press | Ink Sugar Spice blog

How to use a flower press, which materials for blotting, how to select and place plants and ideas on crafts using your dried flowers, petals, leaves and herbs

Make a flower and herb press

Dried flowers - Making a flower press | Ink Sugar Spice blog

How to make an effective, cheap and easy flower press yourself, just using two old placemats, some cardboard and a little ironmongery - you can have a working press within an afternoon

Flavoured salts – part two

Salt mixes recipes on Ink Sugar Spice

Four incredible salt mixes: Italian with dried tomato puree, French, Umami with dried @marmite (yes really!) and a pretty and unusual English Summer Sweet - all vegetarian. Part 2 of my salt mixes posts

Flavoured salts – part one

Asian style salt mix on Ink Sugar Spice

[updated] It's all the food fashion at the moment it seems to have a pot of two of flavoured sea salt, with salt companies clambering over each other to bring them out. Take a look past the hype and you'll see that salt mixes are exceptionally useful in the kitchen and can even be used… Continue reading Flavoured salts – part one

Herb sprigs for the kitchen

Such a great way to use any herbs you have growing profusely in the garden at this time of year. They make a pretty, alternative tiny bouquet (especially if you use thyme or lavender when in flower - a bit early for my lavender yet). Also, as they hang in your kitchen, the heat from… Continue reading Herb sprigs for the kitchen

Focaccia with caramelised shallots

Focaccia loaf and Alice illustrations - bread shapes #recipe #baking #bread @inksugarspice

A basic focaccia with the addition of shallots, slowly caramelised in sugar and fig and date balsamic vinegar with rock salt and rosemary. Focaccia is a quintessential Italian bread and is reputedly thousands of years old, earlier than the Romans. It is traditionally round, although now you'll see oval and square focaccia and would originally… Continue reading Focaccia with caramelised shallots