Make a flower and herb press

Dried flowers - Making a flower press | Ink Sugar Spice blog

How to make an effective, cheap and easy flower press yourself, just using two old placemats, some cardboard and a little ironmongery - you can have a working press within an afternoon

Easy dove grey crochet throw

A soft and easy peasy crochet throw. Uses a soft half shell pattern in larger, chunky weight yarn. Includes stitch instructions and a short video guide.

Homemade ricotta – and ways to enrich, flavour or infuse it

Simple homemade ricotta recipe, plus tips on how to infuse or add flavours to it or enrich it

What pasta tools do you need [part 2]

Lynn Clark Ink Sugar Spice - using a Marcato pasta machine

What equipment do you need to make pasta - this post looks past the basics that get you started and covers what's next and the real 'toys' you could treat yourself to to take your pasta to the next level.

What pasta tools do you need [part 1]

Trofie pasta shapes | Ink Sugar Spice

What do you really need to be able to make pasta? What are the most basic things to have in your kitchen to start making fresh pasta by hand now? This is part one of a short series on pasta making equipment

Ricotta scones

My unique recipe for ricotta scones (one of the most viewed on my blog) has been refreshed with some new photos - why not have a go at the recipe and see why it's been popular 🍓