Strawberry shortcake

Pretty as a picture and just as divine to eat as look at. Polenta and grounds almonds add a little twist to a Victoria-sponge style layer cake, filled with double cream, strawberry jam and chocolate spread and decorated with edible flowers

Walnut cake with lemon buttercream

Walnut cake with lemon buttercream

This is an amazingly bouncy walnut sponge topped with a lemon buttercream - this is a change to the traditional coffee and walnut combination but goes beautifully together.   Notes For this recipe I've used a mix of unsalted butter and baking margarine. I did some experimenting comparing all butter, all margarine and a mix… Continue reading Walnut cake with lemon buttercream

Esterházy torte – nut dacquoise layer cake

Esterhazy torte - daquoise layer cake

Esterházy cake is a dacquoise layer torte originating in Budapest in the late 1800s. It was created (as many famous/regional speciality cakes are) by a confectioner keen to impress one of the great houses of the Austrio-Hungarian Empire and one of its members in particular, Prince Paul III Anton Esterházy de Galántha. Its longevity as… Continue reading Esterházy torte – nut dacquoise layer cake