Giant chocolate meringues

Giant chocolate meringues recipe on Ink Sugar Spice |

Giant. Chocolate. Meringues. What else is there to add?!

Crowned cream tea

Crowned cream tea - a rich scone with jam, Cornish clotted cream and a mini meringue crown

I dreamt this up after I saw lots of news items referring to national cream tea day. I laughed when I saw that - no, not because it's bizarre to have a day dedicated to scones, cream and jam but because why on earth would the British need a day for it? It's practically a… Continue reading Crowned cream tea

The science of meringue making

What happens inside a meringue? It will help your baking to know the chemistry behind your meringues - plus some surprising tips and myths to help you produce the perfect fluffy white morsel every time

French meringue recipe and ‘meringue 101’

Holy basil and strawberry pavlova - learn about meringue making and the science of meringues on Ink Sugar Spice

My best and most trusted French meringue recipe, together with hints and tips on meringues problems - or a 'meringue 101'