Unctuous plum chutney

Unctuous plum chutney with a little background kick - perfect for cold meats and strong cheeses

Cranberry, pineapple, cherry and nut mincemeat

A rich, citrus mincemeat with pineapple, cranberries, cherry juice and nuts - a world of difference from shop bought mincemeat

Nasturtium pickles

nasturtium capers recipe ink sugar spice blog

Make your own nasturtium capers - a recipe for a useful pickle that's almost entirely free!

Chilli jam – sweet and hot

A pot of homemade soft set chilli jam shown served on granary bread with cheddar and olives

This is easy-peasy and you don't need a thermometer to measure temperatures. It's just basically sugar, vinegar and chillies - a highly typical jam recipe. Although, obviously spicy, not sweet, and I added a few bell peppers to ensure the taste was more rounded.

Pomegranate, plum and strawberry curd

Plum, pomegranate and strawberry curd in a jar with my cat being very nosey at it - Ink Sugar Spice

I love fruit curds - very retro and very under appreciated. Not only are they great in sandwiches, on toast and for scones and pancakes and similar things, but I often use them as either cake or tart fillings. I sometimes mix them with a little whipped cream or will use them in place of… Continue reading Pomegranate, plum and strawberry curd