Base sourdough recipe

My base recipe for sourdough loaves - it's a robust recipe that you can learn and then begin to adapt and improve with

Sourdough flatbreads

These are my gorgeous, tangy flatbreads but they do take some commitment as they are fully sourdough, with a pre-ferment stage. I've been making sourdough since 2001... I was already making bread by hand for many, many years before this, but started as my twin baby sons began weaning. I was a little obsessed with… Continue reading Sourdough flatbreads

Pan d’oro – using fresh and sourdough yeast

A full, laminated rich and delicious Pan D'Oro recipe using a sourdough starter enlivened with fresh yeast. This tricky and complex recipe is timed to fit around my working life (so you don't have to be chained to the kitchen to complete this). An ultimate tick-off-my-bucket-list bake

Sourdough croutons – and what to do with leftover sourdough

inksugar spice lynn scarlet clark croutons

How to make fabulous sourdough croutons with bacon and anchovies - and what to do with leftover sourdough (if you have any!)

Sourdough for starters (or grow your own pet yeast)

My experience on how to ferment and keep a wild yeast starter for sourdough baking