Pikelets with balsamic strawberries

Pikelets and balsamic strawberries recipe on Ink Sugar Spice

Pikelets (also called drop scones or American pancakes) with balsamic strawberries - a real treat for Pancake Day

Strawberry yogurt cake with olive oil

Strawberry yogurt and olive oil cake - - www.inksugarspice.wordpress.com #recipe #baking

Strawberry deliciouness in a dessert cake which is enriched with yogurt and heart-healthy olive oil. A perfect Valentine's bake ❤️🍓

Queen Victoria sponge cake – with a savoury twist

In another lead-up week to the start of the Great British Bake Off, The Baking Nanna and Rob Allen hosted another #GBBOTwitterbakealong and asked for a vote. Victoria sponge overwhelmingly won - I guess everyone likes a good old fashioned cake don't they? Well, I voted for bread! It's true: I do like a Vicky… Continue reading Queen Victoria sponge cake – with a savoury twist

Iced Souvaroffs with rhubarb and apricot jams and pistachio cream

Now - who's excited about the imminent new series of the Great British Bake Off? Almost everyone involved in the Twitter baking community for a start! I've included some of my illustrations in this recipe to help you make these Souvaroff biscuits. This year the fab and lovely Baking Nanna and Rob Allen have put together… Continue reading Iced Souvaroffs with rhubarb and apricot jams and pistachio cream

Strawberry shortcake

Pretty as a picture and just as divine to eat as look at. Polenta and grounds almonds add a little twist to a Victoria-sponge style layer cake, filled with double cream, strawberry jam and chocolate spread and decorated with edible flowers

Strawberry and cream Souvaroffs – the original jammie dodgers

Souvaroff biscuits filled with cream and jam with a heart decoration. Posh jammie dodgers

These petit four sablés have been adapted from a very old French recipe I found (late 1800s). Although it was a French recipe, these biscuits had an intriguing Russian name and I tried to research where they came from or who they were named after. I discovered one or two French websites that claimed the… Continue reading Strawberry and cream Souvaroffs – the original jammie dodgers