Spelt shortbreads with streusel topping

Very buttery spelt shortbreads with a gorgeous cinnamon streusel crunchy layer

Chocolate and nut tart

Chocolate and nut tart

This tart uses a sweet shortcrust pastry shell and has a velvety, rich chocolate filling with toasted hazelnuts and pecans. It goes exceptionally well with ice cream and, for a really cheffy desert, I'd suggest serving it with an orange reduction sauce, a nut brittle and either homemade ice cream (something like clotted cream, orange… Continue reading Chocolate and nut tart

Coconut biscuits with hazelnuts or cherries

Coconut biscuits with either hazelnuts or cherries

What to do when you've not got quite enough plain flour in the cupboard, need to make biscuits and can't be arsed to walk to the shop? Use up what you've got in the cupboard and improvise! These are based on a staple biscuit mix I wrote up many years ago, which I use as… Continue reading Coconut biscuits with hazelnuts or cherries